What Does My Plan Cover?

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Insurance companies offer plans and policies to protect you and your business. But do you know what those policies cover?

Business policies can cover a range of individuals, including employees and contractors, plus a range of incidents that could cause damage to your property. These policies help protect you and anyone else who holds an ownership stake in your company.

General liability insurance covers incidents in which someone holds your business liable for damages, injuries, or loss. This policy can protect you from high lawsuit costs if a customer is injured in your workplace, or if one of your own employees damages customer property.

Commercial property insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged or stolen business property, plus the building if you own it. This policy can be used in case of a fire, burglary, or other accidents such as a burst pipe.

For protection of company vehicles, a commercial auto insurance plan is the way to go. This policy can also cover employees when driving on business in a company car and provides the option to cover when they drive their own vehicle as well.

Most states, including Missouri, require workers’ compensation insurance to cover costs of workplace injuries, medical treatment, and rehabilitative treatment for employees while they take time off to recover.

There are plenty of other types of insurance policies designed to protect you and your employees in the case of an accident. Find out what plans are best for you by visiting our website or giving us a call!

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