Home & Auto FAQ

What discounts are available with your carriers?

We’re able to access a wide variety of discounts on behalf of our customers, including Occupational, Early Shopping, Military Discount, Multi policy, New Home/ Roof Discounts, Good Student and E Policy Discounts to name a few.

What is GAP insurance and do you offer this coverage?

In the event of an accident in which your car has been totaled, GAP insurance covers the difference between what a vehicle is currently worth and the amount you actually owe on it. Yes, we can offer this.

I'm thinking about working for a Ride Share program. Do I have coverage for that?

This is something that is not offered by all carriers and should be verified with your agent.

How long does it take to get a quote?

The process may vary but typically takes two business days or less to receive a quote.

Do I need "Full Coverage" for my auto?

If you’re still making payments on your vehicle, the lender will require full coverage. In addition, if the vehicle’s value is more than you’re willing to risk in case of a loss we would recommend having full coverage.

How long does my accident and/or tickets affect my insurance rate?

3-5 years, depending on the carrier.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Liability is there to protect your assets and your future lifestyle. Not having enough liability when an accident occurs would leave your assets and future wages at risk. We suggest evaluating your situation with our agent to insure you are covered correctly.

What can I expect when filing a claim?

When filing a claim, you’ll be asked basic questions like where and when the incident happened, contact information of everyone involved, and a description of what happened. The insurer will review your claim to determine if the event or circumstances are risks covered by the policy.

My home insurance is paid by escrow, when can I change my home insurance policy?

You have the right to change your home insurance whenever you prefer.

What is the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage for my auto?

Comprehensive is the type of insurance that protects your car from things other than an accident, like falling objects, hail, fire, and vandalism to name a few. Collision is the type of insurance that covers damage to your own vehicle due to a collision with another car or object.

What factors determine my insurance rates for home and auto policies?

Factors than can impact your insurance rates include age, credit rating, driving history, past claims history and location.

Am I covered if I drive a rental vehicle?

Your current insurance will transfer to a rental vehicle to help protect you from out-of-pocket exposure.

Do I need a renter’s policy and how much coverage would I need?

Protecting your valuables in case of a loss is always recommended regardless if you rent or own. You should base the amount of coverage in accordance with an estimated value of your belongings.

Why would you recommend an Umbrella policy?

An umbrella policy will cover both property and auto exposures/claims for your household. The higher limit goes above and beyond your underlying coverages on your policies. The main purpose is to protect your assets from an unforeseen event such as a tragic accident in which you are held responsible for damages or bodily injuries.

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