Insurance Coverage Checklist

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Showing What It Means to Be People Driven and Protection Focused

To keep your family and belongings safe and secure, it is important to evaluate your insurance coverage each year to assess the level of protection needed as life changes. We are ebb and flow people and our environment is fast-paced, ever-changing and full of surprises. Whew, it can make a person tired just thinking about it. Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in – use this handy tool to start the evaluation process.

Step One:

Let’s try to locate those insurance coverage documents. If you are already part of the Coalter family, we have you covered. If not, give it your best shot at finding those documents.

Step Two:

Jot down what has changed for you in the past year. Whether you think it impacts your insurance coverage or not, jot it down. Let’s get the wheels turning.

Here are some things that you might have encountered in the last 12 months, or anticipate happening in the next 12 months:


      • Additional family member needing medical, dental or vision coverage
      • New driver in the family (oh boy!)
      • Marriage, divorce, death of a spouse
      • New house, secondary home, rental property purchase
      • That boat, UTV or motorcycle you just had to have (hey, we don’t judge!)
      • Start a business, grow a business, hire your first employee
      • Change or add another vehicle
      • Finally qualify for multi-car discounts
      • Change of commute to work
      • Reach a new milestone age
      • Add a pool, remove a pool
      • Add a trampoline, remove a trampoline
      • Build a fence around your property
      • Your current financial situation allows you to change your deductible plan
      • Invested in a new roof on your house
      • Invested in new exterior siding or windows on your home
      • Invested in new HVAC or security system for your home
      • Moved away from paper statements, going all digital
      • Downloaded the carrier’s or agent’s app
      • Add a fireplace or remove a fireplace in your home
      • Invested in a family farm
      • Started your own mini farm
      • Rented the “Mother-in-law suite” to your actual mother-in-law
      • Experienced a flood, fire, tornado that impacted your residence or business
      • Change of work status or ability to work
      • Concerned about short-term or long-term disability coverage
      • Are you taking full advantage?

Step Three:

We know, that was a long list but there is so much at stake. You work hard. Your family is important. It is worth the effort to ensure this life you are building is properly covered. Now, let’s compare Steps One and Two to see where we have gaps in coverage, overpayments or duplicate coverage, or maybe a realization you have outgrown your current policies. Not sure where to start here? Again, we got your back. Just call us and start the conversation. It’s really not that bad. Promise.

Step Four:

Find an insurance partner you trust to guide you through each life stage. Yes, we really want it to be us and it would make our day to help you through each of these steps to find the exact coverage you need – no extra, no less. Wherever you choose, please make sure your insurance partner is available, guiding you where you need direction, and checking in regularly to see if you have gone back to Step Two in the last 12 months. It’s what we do. It’s not what everyone else does. You decide.


The Coalter team is here to help you with the evaluation process to make sure you are properly covered yet not paying too much. We get a little nerdy about this kind of stuff so don’t worry that it is asking too much – please, let us put our tagline to the test. People driven. Protection focused.

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