Preventing Stress in the Workplace

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Work can be stressful. And we can all agree that stress relief and management are important components of mental health care. So how can you get ahead of the stress? How do you make it an easier problem to tackle? For many people, a pay raise doesn’t cut it when it comes to relieving workplace stress.


Employees want time. Paid time off, paid sick leave, and a flexible schedule are the top three most preferred benefits for employees over a pay raise. Having the flexibility to work when and where they prefer (within the parameters of the needs of the workplace) increases employee productivity and morale. Businesses that have implemented a seasonal four-day work week have said it is a much-appreciated low-cost benefit for their employees.


It’s no secret that a good work environment is crucial in keeping employees around—even good pay and benefits aren’t enough to keep employees somewhere with bad workplace culture. Developing a healthy and positive work environment keeps the early-morning work dread at bay and aids in employee retention.

For the most part, planning activities that include free food and teamwork is good for team-building, but it’s important to consider the diversity of the team before planning an outside event. Activities like a happy hour may work for a younger team, but members of the team who have kids to pick up may be unintentionally left out from the plans.


Most employees want professional and intellectual development. When full tuition reimbursement isn’t feasible, try a small stipend for education. Just $100 a year for books and online courses can take a load off of employees.

Also consider gym memberships and wellness programs. Fitness tracking devices or even covering the cost of the membership every month can motivate employees to better themselves and stick around.

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